Personal Finance Mastery Course

Key Concepts that Transfer Your Finance

Course Summary

This course covers key concepts such as money mindset, budgeting, debt management, and how to grow your money. Understanding these concepts will help you build confidence on your personal finance while reaching your financial goals.

Course Curriculum


Cassie really opened my eyes to a new way of managing money, debt, And savings.  I not only learned so much to prepare for my future but she made it fun.   She presented the information in such a way that I am motivated and excited to adopt the new habits that I learned.  I would highly recommend her course or to work one on one with her.

Thank you SO much for a great workshop! Your approach to money management feels like empowerment, not punishment. SO refreshing!

Cassie is undoubtedly professional and knowledgeable, she also has her sense of humor and friendly side which make her approachable. 

Cassie will definitely help you kick your business finances into gear! Her approach is so fresh and thorough.

Cassie's phenomenal! As a new business owner, I went from feeling extremely confused and overwhelmed about my finances to excited and at ease.

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